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No One Does It Like Old World!

Old World Huntington Beach has been host of Orange County's Biggest Party since 1977!

This year's Oktoberfest promises to be the best celebration yet, offering authentic German Food (voted "Best Bratwurst" in California), imported German Beers, German Bands straight from Germany, an army of Beautiful Shot Girls, and other festivities, competitions, games & more. So come on down and experience the best Oktoberfest celebration in the World - Old World Huntington Beach.

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Oktoberfet is from NOW thru NOV 6
at the Biergarten at Old World Huntington Beach
Every Wednesday thru Sunday


In Munich “History”


Oktoberfest originated in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It was held for the 1st time in 1812 to mark the second anniversary of the Royal Wedding of the Crown Prince (later to be King Ludwig I of Bavaria) to the Princess Therese of Saxe Hildburghausen.

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Hence "Theresienwiese" is a large open meadow where the Oktoberfest Festival has been held ever since. Only for a few exceptions, such as wars or when the royals didn't attend. Known for not wanting to party, their Grandson, Ludwig II, was the builder of all the beautiful Bavarian Castles.

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A unique, elaborate festival took place on the 25th Wedding Anniversary (1835), which included a horse race and an Opening Parade with an array of horse-drawn wagons, beautifully decorated and filled with the gold liquid of all the local breweries.

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1913 was the last time a King attended Oktoberfest.

The one-day festival soon stretched to 16 days & for climatic reasons, the original wedding date of October 12th was moved to September. So for these 16 days, dozens of enormous Beer Tents, Carnival Rides, and Booths are built on the first Sunday in October. Remarkably, no one has claimed the meadow for high-risers. Munich loves tradition and likes to host the whole world to the old and renowned Oktoberfest, bringing people together from around the world.

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In 1920 not even the high inflationary price of a MASS Beer (a measure of beer) (Quart) at $50.00 Marks kept the party-goers away, although in 1921, when the price for a Mass was $21,000,000.00 million marks, the town council did not let Oktoberfest take place.


In 1949 was the 1st Oktoberfest after WW 11.

Now no more kings, but the Lord Mayor broaches the first keg of beer and declares the opening of the Grand Festival, which has withstood the ravages of time.

“The Bavaria”, a giant statue still overlooks the meadow, may it forever bring peace and happiness to all its visitors.

Oktoberfest, the 4th largest festival in the world draws 6.5 million visitors annually.

Sausages served at Oktoberfest would reach from here to Europe, not to mention the million-plus gallons of beer consumed!

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You are still subject to wait in line even if you purchase PRESALE GENERAL tickets, VIP tickets, or pre-purchase a table (Reserved Table) or Package Deals on our website. We always suggest arriving early to avoid long lines.


Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays are ALL AGES (under 21 must be accompanied by a parent)

Friday nights and Saturday nights are 21+ ONLY with VALID ID

Saturday during the daytime are ALL AGES (under 21 must be accompanied by a parent)


Dogs are not allowed inside Oktoberfest. Only service animals are allowed inside Oktoberfest.

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Biergarten at Old World Huntington Beach is located at:
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